Why I like Zoeller products

Once we moved into our new house, my wife and I started prospecting the market for a new sump pump. We heard that the area we lived in was prone to all sorts of water-related disasters, especially during spring. I had no intention of wasting a lot of money on repairing my basement, particularly because we had recently renovated it and it was in top shape. Part of the reason I had to get a sump pump was an economic one as basically, it would allow me to save some money that I would have to pay for repairs and such. Another reason was that I could enjoy a nighttime sleep without worrying about the state of my cellar. I needed a model that was capable of doing its job with as little effort as possible on my part.

The first thing I did was go online and do a bit of research ( went over numerous sump pump reviews) as to which brands are the best when it comes to manufacturing a top-notch sump pump. Soon enough, I reached the conclusion that I had to buy a model from Zoeller, Wayne, Flotec, or Superior Pump. After that, I tried realizing whether I was in need of a pedestal or a submersible unit. Once I established the dimension of my sump pit, I had nothing other to do but go through as many reviews as my time allowed me to. Eventually, I decided to go for the Zoeller M53 but this is just my personal preference and you don’t have to choose the same model. Also, I’d like to point out that sump pumps should be chosen depending on your basement space and dimensions of the sump pit.

Why did I pick Zoeller? I like all-American products, although I might seem a bit of a nationalist. However, I’ve noticed that the quality of U.S. products is superior compared to the one of cheaper Asian counterparts. I’m not saying it’s bad to purchase something constructed in China, but often times, I find myself doubtful about whether these products are worth the money or not. Zoeller is an American brand headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Based on what I gathered about the company, it was first started in 1939 and so it has enough experience about building sump pumps. All of their units are manufactured, assembled and tested in the United States, which is what I was looking for. Besides, this brand is well-known for offering amazing customer support and this is what I wanted seeing how I didn’t know the least thing about installing a sump pump.

The customer service provided by Zoeller turned out to be amazing. I had no issue setting up the Zoeller M53 partly because the instruction manual was pretty straightforward, and partly because I was able to stay on the phone with a representative. A lady guided me through all the tricky parts of the installation process, which is why I managed to set the pump up in less than eight hours. Seeing how I’m a novice in this area, I believe this time span is more than reasonable.

All in all, I’m satisfied with everything about the pump and the way this brand treated me. That’s why I intend to purchase other units manufactured by the company in the future, as well.

Lowrance fish finders are my favorite



One of the reasons I like Lowrance fish finders is that they’re small sized but they do not sacrifice anything in terms of performance. Typically, fishermen enjoy a larger screen, but I don’t own a large boat and it would start getting crowded and uncomfortable if I were to use a hefty option. The last thing I want to do when I go out fishing is to feel like I’m in a box of sardines. I decided to write this post so that I’d let other people know why I believe that Lowrance makes some of the best fish finders out there. For one, they aren’t expensive. For a 3.5-inch unit, you will probably pay around two hundred dollars. I believe that this is a fair price given that the brand is putting a lot of work in developing models that have excellent functionalities in spite of their small size. Let’s take the one that I own – the Lowrance Hook-3X DSI. I got this model for less than one hundred and fifty dollars when I ordered it from Amazon. In my opinion, it was a bargain I couldn’t refuse.

Even if the resolution isn’t something that will blow you away, if your fishing skills are polished enough, you’ll get more than enough help from this device. Since it comes with an interface that’s easy to operate, I don’t believe that other people will run into any problems when using this model. Plus, I can use the power button to activate the backlight feature which makes it possible for me to fish even at nighttime.

Even though I am entirely aware of the fact that there are other, cutting-edge fish finders that well-worth every penny, it all boils down to what you’re prepared to spend. I wasn’t looking for an overly expensive alternative as I had a limited budget. Plus, from what I gathered by reading some reviews and doing my own share of research, it seems that larger fish finders built by Lowrance do not surpass the complexity of the technology being used in Garmin or Humminbird products these days.

It was a pleasure to realize that I had bought a product manufactured by an all-American brand, given that the Lowrance headquarters are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m not weary of fish finders that have been built with foreign parts or in foreign countries, but I like my equipment 100% American as I believe it has a higher quality, in general. I sure am happy with the way the Lowrance Hook-3X DSI serves me and I intend to get a more advanced model from the same brand, in the future.

Hoover SH20030 review


The Hoover SH20030 is the best electric corded sweeper for pet hair I got my hands on. I bought it because my older model wasn’t as efficient as it used to be. The Hoover seemed like the best alternative for it and it came with the major advantage that it promised satisfying performances on both hard floors and carpets. The price of the product also proved that it was a satisfying deal: not too cheap, not too expensive.

If you try this product on hard floors, it can deliver good performances, although I was quite unsatisfied with the cleaning head from the beginning because it is too big to fit in small spaces and around pieces of furniture. Anyhow, when I first used it on my kitchen floor, it functioned perfectly, removing all debris and leaving my floor sparkling. It wasn’t the same for my carpets. The product does come equipped with a powerful brush roll, but even so, it didn’t handle fluffy fabrics as promised, and the dirt deep implanted in the fabric would stay in the exact same place where it was before vacuuming.

Another disadvantage that comes with the large cleaning path, normally designed to help you clean faster, is that you can’t maneuver it with ease around small objects, such as flower pots or chairs, to clean the area near them as well. This leads to a final unsatisfying result and it also gives you a hard time while you clean, because it is quite annoying to try finding an optimal position for the broom to be able to pull in the dirt in these areas.

Another reason for which I would not recommend this electric broom is the cord. I would have expected a corded electric broom to come equipped with a longer one, but as I could see when I first used it to clean a larger space, I had to unplug it several times during cleaning. In addition, the cord is not retractable, which means you have to drag it with you up on the stairs.

Furthermore, this broom was built as an ergonomic, lightweight, improved variant of a heavy vacuum cleaner, but I wasn’t pleased to see that besides having to deal with the cord, the control that enables the broom to switch from hard floors to carpet areas is positioned on a lower point on the handle, so you need to stretch yourself a bit to be able to reach it. The control that unblocks the handle from upright position for you to be able to bend it at the desired angle is also hard to reach, so, again, you need to bend to switch it.

When it comes to emptying the recycle bin, you won’t have any difficulty, as it is easily detachable, but you will have to repeat this operation after each cleaning, because the filter clogs easily and can affect the overall performance of the broom, if you do not. In time, you’ll also notice that your broom starts having difficulties sweeping debris even on hard floors and its suction power decreases, situation in which you’ll have to find a replacement for it. I might as well use a classic broom, in that case, at least, I know I get what I paid for.



The best safety glasses to use while operating a drill press


MSA Safety Works 817691


Safety glasses and goggles should be an important part of the equipment belonging to any metal or woodworker as operating a drill press can be dangerous and advance various risks to the health of the person using it. Safety Works is one of the most renowned brands in the industry of protective items, which is why this product is worth considering if you’re looking for a pair of glasses that fits your budget and raises up to par. Over three hundred customers have expressed their complete satisfaction with regards the quality of construction of this model, which means that it is one of the top rated units in the line.

Aside from the fact that these are probably the most economical safety glasses you may come across while doing your research, you may want to know that they fit pretty much all prescription lenses and as such, they can be utilized by people who regularly wear glasses in their day-to-day activities.

Another reason you may want to take this model into account is that it has received the certification of the American National Standards Institute comes with the certification thereof. It appears that the 817691 is just the right unit for individuals interested in performing sawing or drilling work, or even hammering. It’s worth noting that this product costs less than ten dollars and based on the ratings we’ve consulted, it offers excellent value for the price. These glasses are highly recommended if you are looking to purchase also the best drill press table.




Almost no other brand beats Dewalt when it comes to designing top-notch power tools and other units you may want to make use of in your workshop. Few people are ware of the fact that the same company also designs some of the best safety goggles out there, which have all been accredited by official organisms such as ANSI. This is the case with the DPG82-11 as it seems to have been built with the most extreme wood or metal worker in mind. The elastic headband that’s featured on the product takes comfort to a whole new level, as it makes it one of the highly recommended choices both for small and large heads alike.

The truly neat thing about the DEWALT DPG82-11 goggle is that it can be employed in many other circumstances aside from practicing your hobby or profession using your drill press. Almost all repairs performed either indoors or outdoors can become more efficient thanks to using this model, as it features XtraClear anti-fog lens, which has been tested and proven to give owners the freedom of working in heat or cold.

Besides, the DPG82-11 comes with soft, dual injected rubber that can prevent your face from being damaged in the eye area by debris or dust. Once you’ve put on these safety glasses, there’s nothing stopping you from doing what you want to do.

Baitcasting reels are the best for bass fishing


Bait cast reels are the heavy-duty reels that are commonly used for big, strong fish that are going to put up a fight. But what makes them suitable for this job more that their spincast or spinning competitor? If one pricks up his ears, he might find out that baitcasting reels are the most difficult to operate, so the question develops further: why would they choose a difficult to use reel for a difficult fish?

First of all, big fish require heavy lure and a strong, heavy line. Spinning cast reels have a limit in what the line weight is concerned, while baitcasting reels are made to ensure exactly the support this type of line needs. The construction of a baitcasting reel employs a moving or a “free” spool, that rotates as the weight of the lure pulls it on. They often come with anti-reverse handle that prevents an angry fish to unwind and eventually snap your line, drags and level-winding features.

There are two crucial aspects about using a reliable baitcasting reel for bass fishing. First, you are going to control the spinning of the spool by applying pressure on it with your thumb. This is something you won’t be able to do right at your first attempts, so it will require a lot of practice: releasing the spool has to be perfectly timed in order to get the lure exactly where you want it. Secondly, you have to use the right type of lure to pressure the line sufficiently for a inertia force that will throw the lure in the desired spot.

Baitcasting reels are operated by bringing the rod back and then throwing it forward, all while you control the spool revolution with your thumb. It engages all of the arm, instead of only the wrist, as in the case of spinning reels. In Europe, a baitcasting reel is usually known as a multiplier reels because of the high gear ratio. This means that the spool revolves multiple times at one spin of the handle. This is a rather important feature for a reel, since temperamental fish will be likely to need a fast moving lure and, at the same time, you will be able to retrieve your line without getting your wrist too tired.

Even though it requires a lot of practice, patience and available time to go through a preliminary training period, the baitcasting technique will get you the big fish, no matter how thick the cover is and how much the fish fights.

Bass fishing usually requires at least a medium line, so a baitcasting reel will let you use suited line and bait while providing you with a strict control over the movements of the lure. Many anglers and manufacturers ensure that using a spinning reel will get you the bass, no matter how much it weights, and that is probably true. The only question you have to ask yourself is if you’re ready to join the grown-up table and treat fishing as the sport that is really is.


Escort Solo S3 review


I’ve been advised to buy a radar detector numerous times. Although I don’t generally drive at high speeds, I sometimes need to, when in a hurry and I would definitely choose not getting caught off guard by the police. I bought a radar detector for less than $100 only after being fined for speeding in one of the rare circumstances in which I crossed the speed limit (and not by much). However, the circumstances don’t matter. I’ve decided not to risk another fine and to acquire a radar detector that I could use in times of need.

Due to the fact that I don’t use the same vehicle daily, I’ve taken the decision to buy one that is easily installed and moved from one vehicle to another. That is how I found the Escort Solo S3. This product promised not only a fast mounting, but it also ran on 2 AA batteries, thus not using the car’s socket to function, which made it even more portable and easy-to-use. I wasn’t concerned with the duration of the batteries, as the product advertised several months of running time using only 2 batteries. However, when I made the purchase, I also bought spare ones that I made sure to take with me when travelling on long distances.

Well, the first problem I’ve encountered with this product was its batteries. They didn’t last as long as I expected them to and, as the product started running low on energy, it performed rather poorly, so I had to change them with the spare ones. As I have never used a radar detector previously, I didn’t know how well it should be able to detect police radar signals. I had to find out on a trip with my friends. They were driving ahead of me, and they let me know that there’s a speed trap ahead of us. The awkward thing was that my radar detector didn’t spot anything, not even when we got closer to the location of the radar. In the beginning, I thought the batteries were again to blame, though I had changed them a couple of weeks before that moment. Anyway, I thought, maybe it was just an error, as there were also moments when the detector helped me avoid costly speed tickets.

However, farther along the road, the situation repeated itself more or less. My friend was warned in good time that a police radar was located nearby, while I had to receive the notification from them, and only when we were in the immediate closeness of the speed trap, my detector started emitting an alarm. Apparently, there are two causes for that: one, cordless items are less capable than corded items and they intercept incoming signals even more poorly when your batteries are running low.

Even so, I haven’t made the time to contact Escort and ask them if I can return the item and have it replaced with another. As I don’t use it as much as a speedy driver would, I just accepted I made a poor investment and decided that the next time I would check with friends before buying a dysfunctional radar detector and pay loads of money on it.

Storing your truck tent safely


After researching and comparing different manufacturers and models you have finally found the right truck tent for your needs and vehicle. It is the perfect size, easy to set up, and even comes with the right amount of windows while still allowing you privacy when you need it. After all of the time you have put into to finding a truck tent, shouldn’t you know how to properly store it. The last thing you want when you are out on the road is to find that all of the accessories are not packed together or that there is a problem with the tent. In most cases these and other problems can be easily avoided if you had only taken the time to safely store your truck tent.



Tips on storing your truck tent


If your pick up truck tent came with a handy storage bag you can skip over this step, but if yours didn’t this is one accessory you might really want to consider spending a little money on. A bag not only makes storing the tent a breeze, it also provides extra protection when it is not being used. The bag is also easier to store in your truck when you are traveling.

Now that you have a storage bag it is time to fold the tent. Truck tents are generally easy to fold down to a compact size for convenient storage, though you might want to do this on a flat surface. You will notice creases in the material and you want to avoid always folding along these lines. After repeated folding in the same place the material can become brittle and be susceptible to rips and tears. To ensure a long lasting performance it is important to fold the tent in different places each time you put it up for storage.

It might not always be possible to allow the tent to completely dry out before storage when you are traveling, but as soon as you can you want to take it out of the bag. Storing wet or even slightly damp tents invites mold and bacteria to grow that are not only unhealthy, it can also weaken its construction. Simply hang the tent up and refold it for storage when it is completely dry.

Properly storing your tent is easy and it only takes a couple of minutes. Simply making sure that it is dry is one of the most important steps, along with having a protective bag or case to store it in. Just by following these few tips you can add years to the life of your truck tent, which is always good news for your budget.

What are ionic foot baths?

Ionic foot baths are one of the newest additions to foot spa treatments and they promise a whole range of benefits for those using them. Their most general use is that of assisting therapy in main treatments for different medical issues and even severe diseases.

Ionic baths help in making our bodies more alkaline and not more acidic as they tend to be, through the action of ions. An alkaline environment for the body is indicated by the balance of the positive and negative ions. We function better when the negative ions are at 80% and the positive ones at 20%. To achieve this balance, however, our bodies need to go through a detoxification process that is offered by ionic foot spas.


The detoxification process is quite simple and the benefits of having a foot spa are amazing. The warm water in the bath is mixed with sea salt and a low-voltage electric current is applied to it, which divides negative ions and positive ions. This way, the toxins are being pulled out of the body into the water. The detoxification process taking place during an ionic bath is assumed to have positive effects, because it draws out potentially toxic elements from our organism. However, there is no scientific assessment that can precisely say what the measurable positive changes are brought by an ionic foot bath. The most commonly mentioned effects were: a change in the general disposition of the person after the bath, the reduction of headaches and an uplifting in the energy levels.

There is still a lot of debating around the usefulness of ionic bath devices. Some spas assert that the fact that the water turns rusty brown after a while is proof that toxins are being pulled into the water. That is not true. The water changes color due to the electrolysis process that causes the two electrodes inserted in saltwater to rust at an increased rate. That is not to say that ionic baths are a scam. Some professional and researchers tried to find out if there is any change in the level of some substances that are to be found in our bodies by measuring their levels before and after the bath or by performing urine tests. The results showed that positive changes took place during the detoxification process and that this method is indeed useful for us, even if the changes weren’t dramatic.

Many practitioners in the field use this type of spa treatment to help detoxify the body before, for example, a chemotherapy session for cancer patients. The method is useful due to the fact that by reducing the level of toxins, the treatment has a higher success rate. Opinions are still divided, as it happens with most new solutions that do not have a solid scientific background to sustain them. What cannot be denied is that many people have felt the relaxing effects of the treatment and, even if they are only temporary, they can be extended through periodical repetition of the sessions. If you want to try it by yourself, you don’t necessarily have to visit a salon or spa, but you can do it at home, using an ionic foot bath machine that you can find for sale online.

Why should you invest in a weather radio?


Though they may seem like the type of objects you can live without, weather radios are quite useful for any person living in an area with hazardous weather. As you may already know, emergency weather radios are especially designed radios that are able to intercept NOAA weather alerts and keep you informed on the latest weather changes.

You may see weather radios as useless objects, because they can only be used in rare times, maybe once in a lifetime. But that is not the way to look at it. Most tragic accidents happen in unexpected moments, when people weren’t previously informed on weather changes. Natural phenomena of this sort cannot be controlled, but we can do our best to keep away from their path.

If you read a study regarding the number of deaths per year due to meteorological hazards, you’ll see that thousands of people die every year due to lightning strikes, extreme heat, floods and other weather hazards related causes. Most of these deaths could have been avoided if people were informed in good time that they shouldn’t go out because, for example, a powerful storm accompanied by lightning bolts is about to strike this or that place. A weather radio is able to do that. Not only it lets you know if a storm is about to start, but it also alerts you if there’s a storm or hurricane risk in your area.

Compared to old weather radio models, newer products are endowed with a series of automatic features that will keep you informed on any type of weather hazard, or other dangerous events taking place in your county, at any hour. High-quality models also include various life-saving features. Many emergency weather radios have built-in flashlights, USB ports to recharge your phone and other electronic devices in case of a power failure, and are thought out to resist several days without electric power. Such devices work on powerful batteries that you can replace or include alternative charging devices such as solar panels and hand-crank generators. This way, even if your batteries are dead and electric power is out, you will always have a way to recharge your radio, even if manually.

Moreover, best emergency radios are not only fitted to transmit weather alerts, but they can also double as normal radios. All you need to do to listen to your favorite radio show is change the band from the NWR channel to AM/FM and relax. Even if you are paying attention to the show, your radio will automatically change the program to alert you on any significant weather hazards closeby. Once the alert transmitted, it will automatically change back to your show.

Finally, you should invest in a weather radio because acquiring want doesn’t really require much of an investment. Even the cheapest radios will be endowed with alerting features and function on batteries in case of need. The most expensive device won’t surpass the sum of 100$, but you can also find them at the much smaller price of 20$. As a general rule to follow, check for the NOAA all hazards logo on them before you acquire one, as this proves the product has been approved by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and is a capable weather radio.



Essential electronics to have in your RV


You finally own a RV and are getting ready to take it on a road trip, but you aren’t sure if you have all of the electronic devices you need. Most RVs come with AM/FM radios, digital clocks and convenient lighting so you can see in the dark, but there might be a few others that are essential for your safety and comfort. Before you head out on your vacation here are a few electronic gadgets that you might want to consider.



Backup/Reverse Cameras

Even if you are an experienced driver, trying to backup a large recreational vehicle is extremely difficult. Your “blind spots” are larger on either side, and even the widest rear view mirror won’t be able to show you objects behind the RV. A backup camera is designed to be mounted on the back of the RV and it will transmit images to the small display located on the  front dash. This way you don’t have to worry about hitting anything behind you that could cause expensive damage to the RV.


Universal Laptop Charger

This small electronic gadget can be essential if you plan on extended trips and depend on your laptop for fun or even work. At some point the batteries in the laptop will run low and if you have a universal charger you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. To conserve the RV’s battery power you might want to choose a charger that can run off of AC or DC power. While many standard electrical outlets are AC compatible, you won’t drain the RV’s battery as quickly if you use DC power.

Tire Minder

It can be dangerous enough to have a “blowout” in a standard size car or truck, and you certainly don’t want to take the risk of this happening to one of the tires on a RV. A tire minder is a small wireless device that is extremely easy to use. Simply attach the tiny transmitters to the tire valves and you can keep an eye on temperature and pressure from inside the RV. The information is constantly updated to the small handheld receiver so you know instantly if your tires are too hot or if the pressure drastically changes.



One of the most essential electronic devices you will want in your recreational vehicle is a GPS. One that is designed specifically for RVs will not only provide you with directions to your destination, it will also help ensure that you get there safely. RV GPS units can be programmed to the exact specifications of your vehicle so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck underneath low overpasses or on roads that are too steep or narrow for you to safely drive on.

A RV GPS can also help you locate service stations, campsites and even mark points of interest along the way. Some will even alert you when the posted speed limit changes so you can avoid costly traffic tickets. The best brand we recommend is Magellan.



Great weekend in San Antonio

San Antonio, is the fastest growing city in the USA and is one of the highest populated cities in the United States of America. Weekends are meant for trips and fun. A weekend plan for San Antonio was amazing as it was all about fun, food, entertainment, shopping and relaxation. San Antonio is a place where enjoyment has no limits. The climate is just perfect for outside amusement. The happiness was boundless since the landscapes are great and locations are superb. The water bodies, the culture, boating, hotels and malls add to the attractions of this beautiful city.

The food was so tempting, so delicious that spending a weekend in San Antonio, will be enough to make you shriek as you climb on your weighing scale.  In such an advanced society, food habits have evolved so much so that healthiness is never compromised, as far as food is concerned. Food in San Antonio is as healthy as it was in earlier days. Here, I have to mention about quesadillas, which is a great combination of taste and health.  The cheesy quesadillas are so yummy that you could hardly stop at one.

Tortillas that are used as a base for the quesadillas is usually made from wheat or corn flour. It can be customized to your flavor. The tortillas are placed in the skillet and sprayed with olive oil or butter. As the tortillas are being cooked, spread cheese and put the stuffing in the tortillas. Again sprinkle more cheese over the stuffing, fold the tortillas, and fold it in half-moon shape. Apply more butter and cook quesadillas till it gets golden brownish color.

The cheese in the quesadillas melts and mixes up with the butter. The stuffing inside gives delicious aroma and an amazing taste that you will never forget in many days to come.  The stuffing can be made of vegetables or meat. Veg stuffing can be made from mushroom, cottage cheese, spinach or just onions and cheese. Do I have to mention the varieties available in non-vegetarian stuffing?  It can obviously be of chicken, beef, pork and what not. Never miss out tasting quesadillas when you spend vacations or weekend in San Antonio.

Kefir-The Healthiest Yogurt


Yogurt and kefir are both dairy products which are cultured and both of these, help to keep the intestinal bacteria in balance. The imbalanced gut flora can lead to many problems like gas, indigestion, food allergies and joint pains. The kefir, if consumed on a regular basis can help you in following ways.

  • Get rid of digestive problems like constipation or bloating.
  • Helps to build a strong immune system.
  • Blocks toxins and pathogens and improves the condition of the intestinal lining.
  • Prohibits the growth of yeast in the body.
  • Helps in digestion of minerals, fats and sugar.

Although Yogurt and Kefir have the same beneficial properties yet there are some basic differences between them. Kefir has the capability to colonize the intestines and can be prepared from milk as well as water. These characteristics are missing from the yogurt though.

Milk Kefir Recipe

The ingredients include pasteurized or raw milk, coconut milk, coconut water, fruit juice and one packet of kefir culture. Pour all the ingredients into a plastic container. Use the hot milk with temperature of 75 degrees F. Now put one packet of kefir culture and start stirring gently until it is fully mixed. Cover the container tightly with cloth and place it in a warm place for 12 hours. You are ready with a fresh kefir. Keep the prepared kefir covered and place it in refrigerator. The kefir prepared with direct set culture can be re-cultured for 5 to 7 times.

Homemade probiotics in the form of kefirs are far better than those of commercial ones. The tangy kefirs prepared at home have many benefits over those bought from stores.

  • You do not need any artificial thickeners since you are using full fat milk to prepare kefirs.
  • The quality of live probiotics is far better than those of supplements from stores.
  • Good for kids since there are no artificial sweeteners added.


Homemade kefirs have abundant health benefits and you can add different flavors to make them more fizzy and kids will love it, for sure.